Fletcher : Cleveland, Ohio

Bower April 2018-24.jpg

Oh my goodness, is there anything more magical than a new baby? Seriously. One moment there's nothing, and then nine months later this tiny human comes screaming and crying into this world (while the mother is obviously just enjoying a spa day.., ammiright moms? ha!). I can't get over it!

My sister-in-law loves to tease me for asking stupid questions about being pregnant [like the time I asked if she could hear things swishing around in her tummy like when you drink too much water...]. Y'all, I've never had a baby. so what do I know!?!? BUT I'm so dang fascinated by it, because people may explain it with "biology" and "science" and "nature," but the only word I see fit to use is magic. It's pure magic. And I can't get enough of it.

Little Fletcher was born in April a few days before I took these photos, and now he's already so different and so much more grown up - I want it to stop right now. So here are a few of my favorites of his little newborn wrinkles and tiny fingers and toes. His big sister Maisie was in love from the beginning, and it's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.