Mary Anne + Jonathan : The Filter Building on White Rock Lake

Clark Wedding-899.jpg

I've realized over the past few years that nothing reminds me of time's passing more than watching a friend get married. It was one thing when it was me, but witnessing another's love and growth and all that it took to get there... that is something different.

Mary Anne has been a constant in my life for almost nine years now. We stood next to each other in choir during college, and to be honest I thought she hated me. Lucky for me she didn't, and we developed one of the sweetest friendships I've ever known. We've seen heartaches and celebrations. We've hidden from cockroaches while screaming like children and experienced the satisfaction of learning to mow the grass ourselves. She knows that when I'm sad all I really need are some m&m's, wine, and eggs (not necessarily to be consumed together) and I know that she needs her hibernation time and Parks & Rec. There are so many things you learn about a person when you become close, but the biggest thing that I've learned about MA and what I adore so much is how deeply she feels. She loves fiercely, selflessly, and without limit, and because of that I am so grateful that God gave her Jonathan and his little girls.

Mary Anne and Jonathan, my heart is bursting with joy knowing that you have each other. I never thought it would be possible for anyone, but Jonathan, your love is just as fierce as MA's. You cherish her and serve her and make her laugh harder than I've ever seen - and I know she does the same for you and for Lily and Edie. You hold each other close, and I know that together you are safe and your hearts full.

This day was full of brightness. Joy radiated from every face as all pitched in to prepare for the celebration. Everything was touched by family and friends – flowers arranged by sisters, an altar built by the groom, sound equipment set up by brothers, a gaggle of flower girls' hair styled by girlfriends. It was truly a labor of love in honor of love. To know these two is to know joy and respect and selflessness, and it's hard not to want to be the same. Thank you for sharing your love, Mary Anne and Jonathan. It was an honor to be a part of your day.


And just because, these are a few of my favorite things:

// homemade insect repellent as favors //

// delicious and beautiful cake by MA's sister-in-law //

// geode necklace bridesmaid gifts (that I wear at least twice a week) //

// wooden and rose gold geometric pyramid wedding arch made by the Jonny //

// MA's middle school choir students singing the arrangement of Can't Help Falling in Love that we used to sing together in college //

// activity book and invitations illustrated by another sister=in-law //


// Special shout out to my dear friend and second shooter Sami Kathryn Photography for helping to capture the moments when I was taking part as a bridesmaid. You're the best, girl. //



Venue: The Filter Building on White Rock Lake // Second Shooter: Sami Kathryn Photography // Caterer: Trompo // Cake : Helen Thompson // Dress: BHLDN // Ring: Point No Point Studio // Flowers: The Corner Market