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Hi friends

But really - I'm thinking that if you are here, that means we could be friends, because chances are you love the sweet connections and love and stories that life brings to us just as much as I do.

I'm Abi, and there is not much in this world that I love more than making friends of strangers and hearing other people's stories. In fact, I've recently started journaling because I have this aching feeling that if I have children, and if they are anything like me, they will be pestering us nonstop to tell them every little thing that happened before their existence. So now I write, so that when my mind is old, I can go back and read about that time that Charlie and I were asked (very politely, of course!) to leave Canada in Epcot. Yep, it happened. Don't worry about it! We can talk about it later.

So, yes, I'm a photographer. I want to hear your story and cherish it right along with you, capturing every little moment so that those nosy future generations can talk about how awesome you were. Fair warning: I cry a good amount, and I have a definite tendency to squeal when I see something beautiful. So when you lean over to sneak a sniff of your baby's head for that newborn babe smell, or when you reach your hand out just to make sure your sweets doesn't trip on her way up the stairs... ya that. That's when it gets me. These moments are REAL and FLEETING and some of them you wouldn't even remember if I asked you tomorrow - so I want to help. I want to give you reasons to remember what it felt like when he wiped that tear from your face, how your heart literally fell out when you saw her come down the aisle, and the way your baby looked around when the world was so new.

I can't wait to hear your story. Here's a little bit of mine. 

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