[Soon-to-be] Clarks : Orange House in a Blue Field

Mary Anne + Jonathan 2017-7.jpg

Do you ever think about how strange it is that people don't get to choose their families? The people that many spend most of their time with, at least during their formative years, they don't get to pick. You don't pick your parents, you don't pick your siblings, and you don't pick your children. You do generally get to pick your spouse, and that's a pretty nice thing - but otherwise your family is the family that you are born into or that is born unto you. However, this beautiful, kind, old-souled friend of mine got to pick this man AND these two spunky, adorable kids. She chose them, and they chose her right back when he started 2018 by asking her to be his wife.

It's amazing how much room a heart has to love - You don't have to get rid of other love to let new love in. And that my friends is the best news in the world.