Alex Anne + Michael : Las Colinas Canals

Alex Anne + Michael-121.jpg

Goodness, how I love engagement sessions. There’s so much excitement, so many nerves and unknowns. It’s usually a couple’s first time having pictures taken together as a unit. It’s the first of many years of family photos before kids and grandkids and great grandkids join the frame. It is a time of anticipation - everything is new, and it somehow feels so dang right to be together in these important and permanent images. It’s all hope and love and affection, and I just can’t help but smile while watching couples find their footing.

Alex Anne and Michael attended Auburn at the same time. He played football and she was on the dance team all on the same field, but they never met until after graduation. They were put together when their hearts were in a place to give and accept love. Time is crazy in its unions, and the results are the sweetest to witness.

There’s something astoundingly beautiful about the different stages of love. It’s a constant evolution, but it is rooted in intentionality and cherishing one another. Engagement is a period of clear intentionality and purpose. There’s a plan in place and a clear unified goal. However, I hope that every marriage may be just as intentional and purposeful. May we all love and dream and build together through all joy and pain, celebration and sorrow.

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