Heidbrinks: Highland Park Village

Heidbrink 2018-48.jpg

FIVE! Five years, people! Five years ago, I graduated from college and officially started my photography business (though under a different name). Five years ago, this family asked me to take their first family photos with their six month old baby boy, and every year since I’ve gotten to watch their family and their love grow and grow. My heart might explode.

This is what I love most about family sessions. I love that you come back year after year, and that each year it’s completely different because one of the kids is now on the move who wasn’t before, or one is in their cheesy smile phase, or one is now taller than me and I have to ask them to crouch down. You see your kids every day, but I see them once (maybe a few times) a year, so the difference is abrupt in an awe-inspiring kind of way. Thank you for sharing your moments with me, friends. I am so invested in your love, and I am SO GRATEFUL for you.