Burns : Dallas, TX

Burns 2018-16.jpg

Ok but really, how crazy is it that one day you are two adults in a relationship with no huge responsibilities or real ties to a certain place…. and then the very next day you have this tiny human who you are completely responsible for raising and caring for!? Ok, ok - it’s not exactly that sudden, as you do get a good nine months of mental preparation, but still. IT IS SO CRAZY! And so magical, mysterious, and wonderful that people choose this course day after day. I mean, look at those beautiful, perfect bright eyes and those entirely squishable cheeks and rolls. He has no clue right at this moment what these words mean, but this little boy will be a man some day and he might happen across this blog post and read it through himself…. which is also mind boggling. At this moment, he knows only love and joy and hugs and kisses. He is safe and his only worries are when his tummy is rumbling, his diaper is full, or his mom and dad are out of sight.

You are so loved, little Frankie, and you are a little bit of ever-growing magic in this big world.

Abi PoeComment