Gentrys : Dallas, TX

Gentry 2018-28.jpg

My heart has been so full over the past few weeks, catching up with families that I have come to love more and more over the years return for their fall photos and falling in love with new families too. Friends, do you know how much joy I get from watching your relationships grow? Do you know that I call Charlie after every session to tell him how much fun I had and how big your little ones have gotten in just one year or how much you and your significant other are #couplegoals? Do you know that when I squeal with delight from behind my camera that I am truly hoping with all of my heart that I get to experience the sweetness that I see in your families someday for my own?

You are all an example of love to me (and to Charlie by proxy). You play a bigger part in my life than you know, and I am so grateful and HONORED that you let me witness and document your love every year.

Now, for this family - our first real neighbor friends - The Gentrys. When we moved into our house, this little guy was just one - only one year old and only one child. We’ve watched this little boy grow taller and gain words and become this crazy smart little human, and now his darling baby sister is sprouting up too - with words, sassiness,humor, and beauty to boot. Every time I see them, they surprise me with some new personality trait that has revealed itself, and all of this is guided by these two wonderful parents and partners that we admire and adore for so many reasons.