Matt + Ariel : BRIK - Fort Worth, TX

Kline Wedding-584.jpg

Matt and Ariel are bright, warm lights in this world, and their whole wedding day radiated because of it. Their love is so simple, so calm, so collected. It made everything seem unreal - too good to be true. But that's the thing, it all is true. They are true. Their family and friends are true. Everyone at this wedding was there to love them and lift them up, every hand there to help. I arrived and Ariel's mom was setting up the entire reception - the decorations and the cake that she had planned and made with such care. Matt and his friends were laughing together in a side room, trying to figure out how to tie a perfect bow tie and messing around as only nice guys can do. Ariel and her girls were relaxing upstairs, enjoying the sun streaming in the windows with the pace of a lazy Saturday morning. Everyone knew this day was supposed to happen, and that it would happen, and that it would be perfect - because at the end of it Ariel and Matt would be married.

I love days like this. Love love love love love love love. Cherish each other and just enjoy the rest, friends. You two are the best part. Having your friends and family in one room is the best part. Becoming husband and wife is the best part. Breathe it in.

P.S. This dance party was so crazy fun that I closed all of my watch activity ring just dancing and two of the groomsmen ripped their pants on the dance floor. That’s how you know people are having a good time. DJ Extraordinaire - Leonardo Washington of Next Level Entertainment


Venue: BRIK Venue // Cake : Tasha Monticure // Dress: Justin Alexander // Ring: Kubes Jewelers  // Flowers: Andy's Floral Events //
DJ: Next Level Entertainment