Meredith + Travis : Milagro Farms

Upshaw Wedding-628.jpg

You know how when people get married, everyone says to be in the moment and take a look around you to appreciate the celebration and internalize it so you remember it forever? And you know how so many people never do that because they are too caught up in the cake that was the wrong flavor or the song that the DJ forgot to play? Meredith and Travis never stopped being in the moment throughout the entire day that they vowed to love each other forever and ever.

This wedding was everything that I always hope for. Sure, it was beautifully decorated and there was perfect weather and unlimited (and delicious) coffee served at the most adorable coffee bar, but what made it so special was the centered calm that all of the people involved maintained. This centered calm that was inspired by their unwavering, focused motivation during what is usually otherwise a very hectic day: the marriage of these two sweet souls. We didn’t spend a lot of time lining people up for the perfect shot in the perfect place. Everyone just gathered together and I had the pleasure (along with my faaaabulous second shooter Sami Bruemmer) to gather alongside them and capture their genuine joy in this celebration.

I wish I could take you all back to this day. To when Meredith’s dad sat quietly in the dining room, writing a letter to his little girl while she got ready, laughing with her mom and sister in the room above. To the quiet moment when Meredith and Travis prayed together without yet having seen each other, just minutes before they would marry. To when the flower girl told me she preferred dinosaurs to princesses (you go, girl!). And to that sweet hug after the first kiss that exuded relief and joy at the knowledge that they were finally married.

I love weddings like this, because above all I love how people love one another. I love letting people be, and seeing in them the love that I am lucky to know too well. It reminds me how contagious joy is and that we must never stifle what is so rightly ours and what is so stimulating and good for this world. Congratulations, Meredith and Travis. Let your love and joy shine through every day like it did on this one.


Venue: Milagro Farms // Second Shooter: Sami Kathryn Photography // Caterer: Back Door Catering // Cake : Elaine Alexander Sweets // DJ : All About Tonight DJs // Coffee Bar : Lattes on Location