Curtis: Dallas, Texas

As we age, it is interesting how we become more aware of ourselves. We simultaneously become more comfortable and less comfortable with the body in which our souls reside. As an infant, having a camera present is meaningless. As long as you are fed and have a clean diaper, you could care less! As a young child, a camera means an opportunity to perform and witness the magic of this small object that can freeze time. However, as we move through childhood into adulthood, most become all too aware of that shutter's click and we cringe at the thought of an image that shows our wrinkles, bad hair days, or silly faces. It can cause us to overthink and try to pose in what will be the most "flattering" way. We want to look happy. We want to look beautiful. However, I think that it is those precious seconds when we forget, just for a moment, about sucking in, where to put our hands, or whether we like to smile with our teeth showing or not that are the most beautiful. People, you are beautiful, each and every one of you, and your beauty is enhanced far more by your joy than by putting your hands on your hips and sticking your chin out .

The Curtis family has an abundance of joy and laughter. Jason and Melissa are best friends and partners in life, and they have raised their three children with their same zest and adoration of each day's blessings. This family treats each other with kindness. Though the kids admittedly know how to agitate each other, their love is still evident in every word and every joke.

When a family is to a point where kids are old enough to sit still for the camera, it is easy to stick with the safe poses and have everyone "smile pretty." However, my favorite moments will always be the moments in between those poses. The moments of hugging, of teasing, of laughing, and even of scaling little ravines. Thank you, Curtis family, for allowing me to capture moments of you being beautiful as you are.