gina + filip: a backyard wedding


I had the honor of documenting my dear friends getting married and my heart is full. Somehow in the moment, as I was photographing them say their vows to love each other for eternity, having a camera to my face held back any tears that might have come. Now as I look through these images and see the joy on my friends' faces and the excitement for their future together, the tears have worked their way back to my eyes.

Watching two people make a promise to love each other no matter how hard life gets is an experience to be treasured, and a reminder of how fiercely we all must love one another. These two vowed to hold each other up when their legs are too old to stand, to care for each other when they are up to their eyeballs in tissues and cold medicine, to forgive each other in the most trivial and the most dire of circumstances, to comfort each other when life does not go the way they expected - to love and to love unconditionally. I watched as their souls became entwined in this unbreakable promise to shield each other's hearts and cherish each other above all else.

I wish you all the happiness and strength in the world, sweet friends. Love each other well, and I hope that these photos may always remind you of the joy that filled your hearts the day you promised to love each other always (no matter whose turn it really was supposed to be to take out the trash or who forgot to feed the cat).