Gentry: Dallas, Texas

You know when you meet people and you can just tell that they are really good people? These are those people. And lucky for me, these people are my neighbors. My husband Charlie and I frequently come home to see the Gentrys out in their front yard enjoying the sunshine, and we can't help but smile when we hear their little boy calling our names (or our puppy's name) from across the street at the top of his little lungs. It is by far one of our favorite things about where we live. 

It's mornings like these where I can't believe that this is a job. I got to hang out at the Dallas Arboretum with people that I think are really wonderful, and Charlie was actually jealous that he didn't get to go too. I got to play with one of my favorite toddlers, coo over the cutest little six-month-old, and watch while these two friends expertly and patiently parent together and cherish each other just as well. I hope to have such a happy family someday, and we are grateful to have this model of love right across the street. I feel lucky to know this family and I am incredibly happy to help them capture this precious time when their babies are oh so little and growing oh so fast.