Danielle Broussard: Dallas, Texas

Flipping that tassel is what gets a lot of people through that less-than-riveting class with the monotone professor and sleepless nights spent pouring over notes. It signifies the successful completion of your coursework. It means you actually did it. You're done.

However, though it certainly marks an ending, the beginning of the next adventure is equally as important. Whatever it took to get to that moment is now behind you, and it is time to use all that you have learned in school and continue learning throughout the rest of your life. It is a moment to be thankful for everything you've experienced so far and take that and use it to better yourself and the world around you.

I got to spend Thursday night with Danielle (and her mom, too!), celebrating this accomplishment and documenting the joy of this season in life. Congratulations, Danielle! That smile and laugh of yours will be a comfort to many patients as you lend them your knowing hands.