Caitlin + Stephen: White Rock Lake

Good golly miss molly. These two have some serious lovin. And when our session ended, I felt like I'd known them for much longer than just two hours. It's quite an experience to walk into a situation where you introduce yourself and immediately ask two strangers to act normal and snuggle like no one is around while you take pictures of them in a public place. But let me tell you, it's incredibly special. I get to be a fly on the wall and watch how kind people can be to one another and how much they can adore each other. It also inevitably ends in laughter as I get closer and they remember that they are in fact being stalked by my camera! And laughter results in an overwhelming gratitude for a job that exists to memorialize joy and love.

Caitlin and Stephen are snuggle pros, and I SO love that. I feel a special connection with these two, because, like mine, their love was found in old friendship - "partners in crime" first and partners in everything forever.  These sweethearts met in high school and now, after years of friendship and then four years of dating, will become the Jones family. They laugh constantly, and there is an intensity in the way they look at each other - I know that look. It's the look of adoration and of searching your mind to find the words to properly express just how much you love that person. Those words just don't exist, y'all. But that love is definitely there. It's palpable and it makes my heart all kinds of warm and fuzzy.