Good Eggs

In light of my promise to share a bit of who I am with you, here is a glimpse into our celebration of one of my favorite holidays with some of my favorite people. I will always advocate living life without a camera pressed to your face or a phone to your ear. I'd rather see a moment happen in front of me rather than through the lens. That being said, holidays always call for some family photos. Yesterday, Charlie and I celebrated Easter with our Fort Worth family. I watched my niece and nephew pose behind the lamb cake the very same way that my sister, my brother, and I used to. We ate delicious lamb with mint jelly. We indulged in a few too many Reeses eggs. We encouraged the kids to smash confetti eggs on each other's heads. It was a glorious, wonderful, fun-filled day. 

I have such fond memories of Easter Sunday as a kid. I remember getting dressed up in sweet dresses, gloves, and hats. I remember licking the mint jelly off of each piece of lamb and then reapplying only to do the same thing (I have a sweet tooth!). I remember carefully examining each item in my basket to see what treasures the Easter Bunny had left behind and watching as my siblings did the same (A new set of Adventures in Odyssey tapes was always the favorite. That and bubbles.) I remember coloring eggs with my mom and egg hunts with cousins. I remember taking a flower to church to place on the cross and the overwhelming aroma of lilies. I remember the anthems we sang and singing "Alleluia" at the top of my lungs during "Jesus Christ is Risen Today." What happier holiday than this? There is no other holiday that consistently brings me to tears of joy and gratitude. 

We are thankful to be close with our families, and we are lucky to have some of them nearby. Spending time with them is such a gift because, to borrow from Willy Wonka, these people are without a doubt good eggs,