Jane. One of my all-time favorite names. The name claimed in some variation by my grammie, my husband's grandma, my niece, one of my favorite authors, one of the most iconic literary female characters (Jane Eyre), the name of a hysterical TV Show (Jane the Virgin - Check it out. I dare you not to binge watch it on Netflix.), and the name of this blonde beauty. Jane means "God's gracious gift" and Jane so perfectly represents this meaning.

We spent an hour and a half exploring these Dallas woods together and she had no problem climbing into the bushes, plopping herself down in the dirt, and smiling endless smiles. We talked and laughed, exchanging stories like old friends, and she was the epitome of kindness and grace - even with twigs poking her in the back and grass up to her knees! 

The friends that I make while taking their pictures is one of my favorite parts of this gig. Jane, you are in good company with others who share your name, and you are most definitely a welcome addition to my list of favorite Janes.