Belks + Bluebonnets

This is Finn and Fiona, my sweet Texas niece and nephew. They own a prettyyyy big chunk of my heart. They are also the main reason that I started becoming serious about photography during college - hence the original name of Auntie A Photography - and a constant reminder of why it is important. 

It's become a tradition that every year around this time, we look for a field that has been overtaken by the blanket of bluebonnets that heralds the start of spring. The kids play and patiently allow me to follow them around with my camera. It's often in that moment that I realize how different they are from just a year before. I don't notice so much since I see them every week - but when I look at these images and then look back at the previous years, the urgency to savor each sweet moment is so clear. I don't want to pass up the chances to play "Red Light, Green Light" or "Simon Says." They ask me to act like an elephant and crawl around pretending to spray them with water from my trunk? Ya, ok! Sure! Who knows how much longer that will last? Here's to another year of the tickle monster being a welcome guest in their lives. 

And in case you're wondering, yes the princess had an outfit change halfway through. :)