john + megan: she said yes

One week ago, I met John for the first time at Klyde Warren Park to discuss the details of his surprise proposal. I had just met the guy, but it was clear from the moment that he started talking about the plans - he was completely in love with this girl named Megan. 

There are so many kinds of proposals. There are proposals on the jumbo-tron. There are proposals at the end of a scavenger hunt, There are proposals at dinner and proposals during a car ride when you've decided you simply can't wait any longer. There are the carefully planned and there are the spontaneous, and there are some everywhere in between. Though some go viral and seem to take over the internet, all are equally as wonderful and as impressive to me. They are equal because they all mean that someone has laid their heart out, open and vulnerable, asking another if they will agree to give theirs back fully and unconditionally for the rest of their lives.

Charlie and I watched with our other married friends (thank you for acting as my camouflage/decoys!) as John and Megan strolled by us on Saturday evening, anticipating what we knew we would witness shortly. I was the only one who had met John at this point, but we were all speechless as we watched him stop and turn toward Megan and saw her face transform from confusion to the happiest of surprise and tears of joy filled her eyes. We watched as John got down on one knee and as Megan nodded her head immediately. I honestly don't remember if we started clapping or not, but it felt like we were. We were all so happy for this sweet couple that was about to discover the most wonderful gift we have on this earth - marriage. Side note: It is really hard to take pictures when your eyes are blurred from sappy tears.

Congratulations, John and Megan. Enjoy this precious and fleeting time of preparation and anticipation with the knowledge that the best is still ahead of you.