chris + māra: oxford, ohio

There is something magical about a good love story - and let me tell you, these two have all sorts of magic. I won't spoil the details for you, in case your life journey ever gives you the opportunity to hear this beautiful tale from one of them, but I will tell you a few things that it taught me: 

Appreciate every place you go, whether the opposite side of the street or the opposite side of the world. It could someday become the place you call home.

Be kind to any one who crosses your path. That person could be your greatest love. 

Go on that first date with the stranger even when it seems fruitless. Remember that committed love can beat all the odds.

Don't mistake physical distance for distance of the heart. Your hearts can grow close while your feet are miles apart.

Go to Disney World. It truly is a magical place where dreams come true.

Chris and Māra are the product of the alignment of many stars and the grace of the world. They were made to love each other, and to spread their beautiful music through the world. It is so obvious that they adore each other, and I can only hope that every person experiences this love in their life. Best wishes to a truly spectacular couple.