Emily+Tim: Chicago, Illinois

That look right there. That's the look of adoration, admiration, love, and respect. That's the look that says, "This man is the one I get to walk with, hands clasped tightly for the rest of my life." I saw it in Emily's eyes and I saw the same admiration and love in Tim's throughout these few hours. Every word was gentle, every touch was sweet. You could tell that each truly cherished the other and wanted to both protect and be protected. 

The months before a wedding can be [usually are] stressful. These two, however, seem to be looking at everything with an unbelievable calm. Everything around them will be as it is, and they will continue to take it in stride, all the while focusing on what is important: In a little less than six months, rain or shine, with crazy wedding crashers or the wrong table linens, they will be husband and wife. May you always take comfort in that sweet love that you both hold for one another.