Rortvedt: Addison, Texas

I have seen blog after blog discuss how hard "this time of life" is. The time of life where you are a child's sole provider. You are tired, you are worn out, you are constantly being touched - each of these blogs describes in grotesque detail what it means to be the parent of a toddler or infant, no matter how many. However, each one of them also says how quickly it goes by and how much you will miss it when it does. When I take pictures of families, I see the most precious moments amidst a hurricane of dirty diapers, hungry tummies, and sleepy eyes.

This family had all of those precious moments. We sang "Let it Go" together at the top of our lungs to make little Gracie laugh and I played peek-a-boo with Tres while snapping pictures as I "hid" behind my camera. It was so much fun to be a part of this little family for just a few hours. They have an abundance of love. These parents love their children, but you can also see how much they love and adore each other, which I think is the best gift they can give those little ones - an example of unconditional love.