tim + emily: fowler's mill wedding

This is it folks. This is the first wedding I ever booked one year ago. It didn't end up being the first that I shot, but Emily booked me knowing that I hadn't ever had the courage to attempt to shoot a wedding yet. When she asked me if I would consider it I told her I had not had any experience, but that I could give her recommendations for other photographers if she'd like. Her response? This...

"Thank you for your honesty! That alone says a lot. What I love about your photography is that your subjects all seem comfortable and happy. To us, that's more important than booking a photographer with tons of wedding experience. Tim and I are young, as our friends and families, and we want someone who can capture that joy and excitement."

Well, sweet Emily. I hope that these photos live up to your dreams. "Joy" and "excitement" were easy to capture on this day, right along with "prayer," "gratitude," and "love." You and Tim exude love and investment in each other. With every word you spoke of him and he of you, there was tenderness and care as if you were each the most precious being in the world to each other, and I believe that that is absolutely true. Pour this love into the world, and it will surely be a brighter place.

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