ortega: skip and twirl

Take me back to these days. The days of matching dresses and bows (no matter how begrudgingly my sister or my cousins wore them with me). The days of Hanna Andersson and Laura Ashley and all the other sweet dresses that signified the holidays and time spent pretending I was the Little Princess. These little girls stole my heart this week and made me remember how wonderful it is to be tiny and spunky and bursting with energy. How often do you skip anymore? How often do you do cartwheels just because and twirl in endless circles? How often do you get down on the ground to examine how tall a piece of grass is compared to the rest and throw leaves up into the air? I got to do all of this and more with these littles and their parents last week and I was smiling the rest of the day. Maybe today you should jump up and see how high you can go, just because. Sometimes that's all you need the day seem a little brighter.

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