Chris + Mara : Riga, Latvia

Chris + Mara Wedding-481.jpg

Where do I even start with this one? Chris and Māra's wedding was one that moved every person in attendance. The beauty was only magnified by the transcendence of their ceremony. Chris and Mara met through their love of choral music. Boy from Ohio hears the Latvian choir called "Kamēr" and follows the music to Riga, Latvia, where he happens to run into said Girl at the music shop where she works. Boy runs into Girl again on his trip when he goes to hear Kamēr and realizes that Girl is one of the angels singing. Quite a way to complete the story of "Boy meets Girl." Their love is full of laughter and understanding and music. It is only fitting that their entire ceremony and reception was filled with the same. Kamēr, that choir that first brought them together and with which they now both sing together, sang throughout the entire service and much of the reception as well. While you take a look through these moments from their day, take the time to listen to the sounds that we heard that day as they celebrated their marriage.

The wedding was a blend of traditions from all over the world - Latvia, England, and America. People traveled across the world just to celebrate these two and hold them up in their love. It says something about a marriage when that many people will do anything to be there to witness it and bless it. Congratulations, Chris and Māra. I will always love to look back on your day of beautiful music and joy.