Erica + John : Boulder, Colorado

So unlike every other normal adult, I refer to the year as that that starts in August. I am 100% on a school calendar. So with every August, comes a new planner, new pens and pencils (Because that's what gives me joy. Leave it alone.), and a clean slate. Earlier today I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do - weddings to edit, a recital to plan, tons left to unpack, muscle to regain after eating our weight in pastries and sausage in Europe. But then I had a little convo with myself and decided I was going to find something productive to do that gave me the most joy, even if it wasn't next on my to-do list. So here it is: Erica and John.

Not engagement pictures, not wedding pictures, not trying to find a perfect picture to send out to everyone they know for the holidays so they can be plastered on the fridge... This was just an afternoon spent hiking up a mountain in Boulder, laughing their heads off, and loving each other in the sweetest way. We napped on the peak and took our time getting back down, and it was truly the most beautiful day in all regards. Love is a really good thing, friends. These two are just a tiny little example of all the joy it brings. I hope with all my heart that every one of you has it too.