Henry Philip : Dallas, Texas

I can't help but stare at this little serene, sleeping face. In this moment, it was so loved, Unknown to him, three people stared down in awe and adoration, studying every curve of his cheeks, the slight upturn of his nose, the dark lengths of his eyelashes. I stare at this photo now and wonder how many other eyes will behold this peace over the course of his life. His mother, his father, his grandparents, and his parents' friends. Every day they will see this face, unable to notice each slight change that inevitably occurs with passing time, until some day they will behold it as he catches a nap while holding his own sleeping child - and that face will be different and older, but still the same and still just as loved. 

All of the love that is being poured into this little boy will cradle him throughout his life. No matter what comes his way during his rising hours, when he sleeps this peace can return. Because y'all, these parents love each other in a way that is true and strong and impermeable, and all of the rays of that love are shining onto this little face. I heard Sarah talk about her husband when they started dating years ago, and she knew that he was her future. She was so in love and ready to let that love infuse her life with joy. This is the same way that she and her husband now talk about little Henry. This little face is the face that they will cherish for the rest of their lives, and even when he is grown and looking down upon his children's faces, his parents will still see this peace in his own. 

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