Spring Renewal

I have been majorly slacking on this blog, y'all. I know it, and I'm sorry. According to any "market your photography business" guidelines, I'm utterly failing. But you know what? I'm not failing! I simply didn't have much that I felt compelled to write about... and I just realized that that's ok.

I took a break from feeling like I needed to share everything that I shoot. I took a break from trying to keep up with all of the fantastic photographers out there (Really - they are amazing. I'll send you a million names if you want to distract yourself with beautiful photos of beautiful people and things.). I just took a break, and I enjoyed every minute with every person that I did sessions with - and I found my joy in their responses of how much they treasured the memories given back to them in photos. 

But today,. I had the urge to share these photos of these kiddos - my muses. My Texas niece and nephew are the reason that I first picked up my camera, and a constant reminder of why I love it so much. I have taken photos of them since they were born, and this year was yet another reminder of how much they grow every day and how fleeting their littleness is. 

Today, it doesn't matter that I was posting the second personal post about family in a row. It doesn't matter that this wasn't a wedding or a high fashion, super artsy shoot. It doesn't matter that everyone takes pictures in bluebonnets. These pictures hold little moments of my niece at her sassiest (at least we hope - but I mean really... she'll probably get even sassier) and my nephew loving his massive dog and enjoying his last days sans braces (I kind of love his teeth though so maybe the orthodontist can just lay off, right?). 

I say forget the guidelines. Forget the "target audience." My target audience is everyone who loves pretty things, loves memories, and loves LOVE. Can I get an amen? Amen, people. Enjoy some bluebonnets, some cute kids, and the most adorable little ladybug you ever did see.