carter + rachel: winter wedding

2016 was a whirlwind. I look back on it and I cannot believe all that changed and everything that worked itself out despite my unnecessary worries. I worried about quitting my job to go back to school for my masters. I worried about starting to shoot weddings - that I would disappoint people on the most special day of their life. I worried that people wouldn't like my work. I worried that I wasn't spending enough time with loved ones. The list goes on (but this actually is not my point so I'll spare you.). The world spends so much time worrying, or "borrowing trouble" as my mom would say. Don't borrow trouble, for all will be as it should be. 

Rachel and Carter are a couple that is past the stage of worrying that so many experience while growing up. People wonder (and worry about) if they will ever find "their person." We worry that we won't be pretty enough or manly enough or rich enough or special enough. We worry that we won't be good enough cooks or that we won't be liked by the family. But why do we worry when none of that is in our control? That person comes into your life and you fall into theirs at exactly the right moment, Any other person at any other moment is just a lesson leading you to where you are supposed to be and preparing you for something unimaginably wonderful. What IS in our control is how we deal with what we are given. We have the control to handle disappointments with grace. We have the control to persevere and treat each obstacle as an opportunity. We have the control to be kind to everyone we meet and take chances on relationships, for like Carter and Rachel, that freshman you said hello to could eventually be your wife. 

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