braga: dallas, texas

One of the first things I hear from every family wanting pictures is something along the lines of, "My toddler is at that stage where they will never look at the camera and smile nicely," or "I just want one good photo of the family." Listen, I get it. Toddlers are a pain in the you know what sometimes. BUT - and this is a big "but" - their craziness will only last so long and as frustrating as it can be at times, it really is such a stinkin precious time of life. That craziness will be part of the memories you have of them at this age, and I think that those memories should be captured.

I will always try to get that one shot where everyone is smiling nicely, and I will love it when I do. But the one that I will always like best is the one where your family is just being your family - crazy and full of all sorts of love. 

Abi PoeComment