hazel lou: and then there were four

Two years ago, I met this family of three. Their little boy was only a few months old, yet it was as if he had been in their lives forever. One year ago, their little boy was coming into his full toddler-self, running around and proudly grinning for the camera. He was one and a half, and clinging to this family that had always been his. One week ago, another angel joined the family and again, I saw them as a family that seemed as if they had always been that way: a family of four. From the moment she arrived, she was theirs and they were hers, as if this is how it had always been and they had simply been waiting for her to appear.

The few hours I spent with this brand new human and her family were some of the most precious hours I could ever imagine. It is a miracle how people can love someone so immediately, so fully, so unconditionally. All of the love that these three shared immediately expanded and embraced their newest addition without limit or hesitation. They had gone from three to four in an instant, and in an instant their hearts were pledged to this little girl. 

I love love. It is the most magical gift we are given. In a world that has so much hate, evil, and disaster, love is still the strongest force. It's important that we all believe in it. Believe in it and share it with every person we meet. Love each other. Love your parents and love your children. Love your neighbors and love your enemies. In the end, it is the only thing that matters.

Welcome to this world, sweet one. I hope that no matter which way it turns you grow up knowing love in all things, just as you do in your little family of four.

Abi PoeComment