Meet Betty

Meet Betty. Betty is in the second grade and she's got personality to boot. Small and mighty, this girl was the first to volunteer to help the teacher or answer a question, quick to help her friends with any project, always happy to smile, and humble in all things. For one day, I got to be her shadow and capture moments that usually go unseen by those who are not her teacher or who are in her class. Through these photos, we gain a glimpse of Betty in HER world, being shaped into the woman she will someday become.

Hanging out with a bunch of second graders is a trip. They have their own lives, their own gossip, debates about whether ducks build nests, and the constant quandary of which one of them is going to be the President of the United States when they grow up.

Every day Betty is making memories of her own, forging her place in this world, and establishing relationships with her teachers and friends. Every day she is learning something new that is changing the way she looks at things and shaping her as a person. Every day she is growing – and for this day, I got to stop time just for a moment.