caitlin + stephen: avalon legacy ranch wedding

Marriage takes a whole lot of faith. You have to have faith that the other person loves you like you know you love them. You have to have faith that you can make your love last through both good and bad times. Faith and commitment are essential for marriage – we know that. But let me tell you, planning a wedding comes with a whole lot of faith and commitment on its own, and this adorable, laid-back, lovely bride had a whole lot of faith in little old ME.

Caitlin and Stephen's wedding was one of the very first that I booked. When Caitlin asked if I did weddings, I told her I had just booked my first one but had not yet shot it, so we would have to go on this adventure together if she wanted me. I gave her an out, but she didn't take it. She said let's do this, and it was so much better than I ever could have imagined. I made a new friend through mutual excitement and anticipation of their celebration. I cried when she walked down the aisle and listened intently as they vowed to cherish each other forever (shout out to the wonderful Catie Perez for second shooting and catching the moments that I couldn't because tears were blurring my vision). I sighed during their first dance, and made a fool of myself bouncing around the dance floor with my camera to the sounds of the Isley Brothers and Michael Jackson alongside the rest of their friends. 

It is hard work. There is no doubt about it. 

But I love every second.

So to Caitlin and to the other brides that took a chance with me last year, thank you. I am so honored that I have gotten to be a part of this time and celebrate with you and your families. I can't tell you how excited I am for you to spend your life with the person you love, because I truly think marriage is the most wonderful gift we've ever been given. I hope that these photos give you as much joy (or more) as they give me.

I hope you can tell that that photo of your friend with her hands up in the air is during "Shout," and the boy band moves that those boys are imitating is their best choreography for "Bye, Bye, Bye." I hope you hear the guitar solo that forced your friend down on the ground so that he could do his best air guitar, and the slow love song that brought every couple together to hold each other close.

To the bride, I hope you remember what your he whispered to you in that photo where you're giggling as he leans in to your ear. To the groom, I hope you remember what you saw in that picture of you where you are watching the doors open and she began her walk down the aisle to your arms. To both of you, I hope you remember the joy and hope for your future that you felt on this day, and may these photos always serve as a reminder of your celebration and commitment,

Second Shooter: Catie Ann Photography
Venue: Avalon Legacy Ranch
Caterer + Bartender: Tony Teems Chefs Like it Hot
Wedding Cake: The Cake Stand
Florist: Blue Sapphire Weddings
Hair + Makeup: Millionaire Brides Club

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