jones: new old love

There is a certain type of mystery in love. It requires trust and a deep understanding of another, yet it can happen in an instant. You can see another person and feel connected in ways that you never knew were possible. You become overwhelmed knowing that you would give your life for this person whose name you don't even know. It's so new, yet it is as if life didn't exist without it.

My mom told me once that on the day she gave birth to my oldest sister, my Grammie told her that now she could finally understand the love that she held for her. It was impossible up until that point. My mom has said the same to me, and the day that I will truly understand is still a little ways off. But, watching families like these lost in the days of sleepless nights, smelly diapers, and spit up, I see that they are not lost, but rather basking in the sweetness that they know will all-too-quickly pass and evolve into soccer games, prom, college, and marriage. Their mornings are now filled with the calls of two little ones, rather than just one. Their family is now a family of four. The number of people has increased, as has their love right along with it.

Isn't it amazing how much love our hearts can hold? Our hearts know no bounds, as long as we leave them open. 

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