Home in Dallas, Texas. // Hometown in Cleveland, Ohio. // At home anywhere that I have good people.


My Guys

In 2015, I married Charlie and he became dad to Rudy, our fave lil 5-pound pup who thinks he is 50 pounds. I love them more than chocolate chip cookies, and that's A LOT. Charlie is my adventure partner, my best friend, and the only one who loves me even when I cheat at mini golf.


10 Hours

If it were up to me, I would sleep for 10 hours every night. So if you want a sunrise session, I'll be pumped but you can bet I'll be cuddling up at 7PM the night before. Don't judge. Grandmas are fun too.


Edgar Allan Poe

Yes, Poe as in Edgar Allan Poe. In fact, whether he was a relation was my first question to my husband when we met as 8th graders, and the answer was yes... so obviously I had to marry into that family.

Europe 2017-44.jpg


Charlie and I LOVE to travel. We love our traditions like Chautauqua, Cape Cod, and Disney (it's NOT just for kiddos!), but we also love venturing to new places together for new experiences! Favorites so far: Salzburg, Maldives, Tahoe, Amsterdam 



We are total water rats. We love playing in the water. I also love to drink a lot of water... so I also need a lot of potty breaks on road trips to said water that we get to play in much to Charlie's chagrin. 



I love love love spending time with my family. I've got two nieces, two nephews, Charlie's and my own siblings, our parents, grandparents, and lots of "aunts" and "uncles" and I'll never feel like I have enough time with any of them!



If you get it, we are already besties. I love me some Cleveland. It was my first home and gave me my forever love (even though he's a 440).



Yes, I'm from Ohio. But I live in Texas now. And y'all... Y'ALL MAKES SENSE, OKAY!? It just does. So I'm going with it and that's just that!



I have a bachelor's of music in flute performance and a master's of music in choral conducting. I'm still actively using both teaching flute kiddos and choir kiddos and playing and singing professionally when I'm not photographing you!


*Bio photo, family photos, and portraits by the ever-wonderful Allison Harp.