Burns : Dallas, TX

Burns 2018-16.jpg

Ok but really, how crazy is it that one day you are two adults in a relationship with no huge responsibilities or real ties to a certain place…. and then the very next day you have this tiny human who you are completely responsible for raising and caring for!? Ok, ok - it’s not exactly that sudden, as you do get a good nine months of mental preparation, but still. IT IS SO CRAZY! And so magical, mysterious, and wonderful that people choose this course day after day. I mean, look at those beautiful, perfect bright eyes and those entirely squishable cheeks and rolls. He has no clue right at this moment what these words mean, but this little boy will be a man some day and he might happen across this blog post and read it through himself…. which is also mind boggling. At this moment, he knows only love and joy and hugs and kisses. He is safe and his only worries are when his tummy is rumbling, his diaper is full, or his mom and dad are out of sight.

You are so loved, little Frankie, and you are a little bit of ever-growing magic in this big world.

Heidbrinks: Highland Park Village

Heidbrink 2018-48.jpg

FIVE! Five years, people! Five years ago, I graduated from college and officially started my photography business (though under a different name). Five years ago, this family asked me to take their first family photos with their six month old baby boy, and every year since I’ve gotten to watch their family and their love grow and grow. My heart might explode.

This is what I love most about family sessions. I love that you come back year after year, and that each year it’s completely different because one of the kids is now on the move who wasn’t before, or one is in their cheesy smile phase, or one is now taller than me and I have to ask them to crouch down. You see your kids every day, but I see them once (maybe a few times) a year, so the difference is abrupt in an awe-inspiring kind of way. Thank you for sharing your moments with me, friends. I am so invested in your love, and I am SO GRATEFUL for you.

Gentrys : Dallas, TX

Gentry 2018-28.jpg

My heart has been so full over the past few weeks, catching up with families that I have come to love more and more over the years return for their fall photos and falling in love with new families too. Friends, do you know how much joy I get from watching your relationships grow? Do you know that I call Charlie after every session to tell him how much fun I had and how big your little ones have gotten in just one year or how much you and your significant other are #couplegoals? Do you know that when I squeal with delight from behind my camera that I am truly hoping with all of my heart that I get to experience the sweetness that I see in your families someday for my own?

You are all an example of love to me (and to Charlie by proxy). You play a bigger part in my life than you know, and I am so grateful and HONORED that you let me witness and document your love every year.

Now, for this family - our first real neighbor friends - The Gentrys. When we moved into our house, this little guy was just one - only one year old and only one child. We’ve watched this little boy grow taller and gain words and become this crazy smart little human, and now his darling baby sister is sprouting up too - with words, sassiness,humor, and beauty to boot. Every time I see them, they surprise me with some new personality trait that has revealed itself, and all of this is guided by these two wonderful parents and partners that we admire and adore for so many reasons.

Matt + Ariel : BRIK - Fort Worth, TX

Kline Wedding-584.jpg

Matt and Ariel are bright, warm lights in this world, and their whole wedding day radiated because of it. Their love is so simple, so calm, so collected. It made everything seem unreal - too good to be true. But that's the thing, it all is true. They are true. Their family and friends are true. Everyone at this wedding was there to love them and lift them up, every hand there to help. I arrived and Ariel's mom was setting up the entire reception - the decorations and the cake that she had planned and made with such care. Matt and his friends were laughing together in a side room, trying to figure out how to tie a perfect bow tie and messing around as only nice guys can do. Ariel and her girls were relaxing upstairs, enjoying the sun streaming in the windows with the pace of a lazy Saturday morning. Everyone knew this day was supposed to happen, and that it would happen, and that it would be perfect - because at the end of it Ariel and Matt would be married.

I love days like this. Love love love love love love love. Cherish each other and just enjoy the rest, friends. You two are the best part. Having your friends and family in one room is the best part. Becoming husband and wife is the best part. Breathe it in.

P.S. This dance party was so crazy fun that I closed all of my watch activity ring just dancing and two of the groomsmen ripped their pants on the dance floor. That’s how you know people are having a good time. DJ Extraordinaire - Leonardo Washington of Next Level Entertainment


Venue: BRIK Venue // Cake : Tasha Monticure // Dress: Justin Alexander // Ring: Kubes Jewelers  // Flowers: Andy's Floral Events //
DJ: Next Level Entertainment

Alex Anne + Michael : Las Colinas Canals

Alex Anne + Michael-121.jpg

Goodness, how I love engagement sessions. There’s so much excitement, so many nerves and unknowns. It’s usually a couple’s first time having pictures taken together as a unit. It’s the first of many years of family photos before kids and grandkids and great grandkids join the frame. It is a time of anticipation - everything is new, and it somehow feels so dang right to be together in these important and permanent images. It’s all hope and love and affection, and I just can’t help but smile while watching couples find their footing.

Alex Anne and Michael attended Auburn at the same time. He played football and she was on the dance team all on the same field, but they never met until after graduation. They were put together when their hearts were in a place to give and accept love. Time is crazy in its unions, and the results are the sweetest to witness.

There’s something astoundingly beautiful about the different stages of love. It’s a constant evolution, but it is rooted in intentionality and cherishing one another. Engagement is a period of clear intentionality and purpose. There’s a plan in place and a clear unified goal. However, I hope that every marriage may be just as intentional and purposeful. May we all love and dream and build together through all joy and pain, celebration and sorrow.